A gradual evolution

The first cottage, with an area of 100 m2, was built in 1990. At the time, Bruno and Monique Mercier were still farmers and led both activities in parallel. Gradually, they have rehabilitated other parts of the farm and added guest rooms and two new cottages, smaller than the first one. Today, the farm is not in activity any longer and they devote themselves fully to the pleasure of welcoming guests.

"What we have built is very personal. What people want is a direct contact with the owners." 

Focus on direct and personal contact

Bruno and Monique Mercier do not want to delegate the welcoming part. They enjoy welcoming guests with whom they learn from each other all sorts of things. They want to see people they serve more as friends than as customers.

A unique accommodation at Vert-le-Petit

Now that the farm is transformed into a home, the goal is to get people received with the maximum attention, allowing them to have to have in the countryside all the comforts of the city.